How does it work?

Borrower selects what Financial Assets they would like to use as collateral, and select their desired loan terms. Lenders then select a Borrower's proposed loan terms to either accept or present a counteroffer.

Once the Parties agree on the proposed loan terms, they will execute a Master Securities Loan Agreement.

The Parties will then execute a Bailment Agreement with Tradeshare ("Bailee") to safely hold the Lenders money and the Borrower's Financial Assets in the Tradeshare Wallet. The Wallet acts as a virtual warehouse to safely facilitate any transfers required under the Loan Agreement. 

Once the agreements are executed, the Lender will place the loan money into the Tradeshare Wallet and the Borrower will place their Financial Assets in. Once Assets are received, Tradeshare will issue the Lenders Payment to Borrower. Once the Loan is paid off, Tradeshare will return Financial Assets back to the Borrower. 



Welcome to the future of lending

Say goodbye to the old methods of lending. At tradeshare, our proprietary app-based platform allows anyone to become a borrower and/or a lender.

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